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May 29th, 2011

Hey, it's been a while since we've done one of these, and since I've recently begun accepting Guest Contributations again full-time, it's time to do that thing where everybody talks about some of their favorite things and assigns pointless numbers to them indicating preference! That's right! It's LIST time! Some websites make their entire living off of making shitty and predictable lists that ignorant sheep just can't get enough of, so what the hell, why can't we? It's time to put on those thinking caps, open up a fresh Notepad file, and get ready to participate in...

SMPS.Net's Top 10 Favorite Cartoons Of All-Time!

Yay! Everybody loves cartoons (and lists!), and if you don't, then you are a gigantic liar (or a really un-fun and boring person, and I want nothing to do with you!) Well, now's your chance to tell the world what animated works tickle your fancy the most. Participating is just as easy as it's ever been, so just follow the simple guidelines below and get those lists sent off to me!

1. Write about your top ten favorite cartoons! That's pretty simple, right? It can be anything from western animation, Japanese Cartoons, feature-length animated movies, whatever! It counts as a cartoon and you love it, so it deserves to be on your list. There's no restriction here, so long as it counts as an animated work.

2. Provide me with an image or two to use! I'm not going to scour the internet to put pictures to your words, so take or find a screenshot(s) or some promotional art of some sort so we have something visually to better understand what you're talking about. Name your images clearly with either the show's name, or more preferably, the number at which the entry appears on your list.

3. Follow the guidelines on the Submissions and Contact page. If you don't, I will ask you to re-submit your piece in the proper format. I don't have time for the headaches caused by people not following the simple guidelines anymore.

4. Have your piece in my inbox by the night of July 24th. That's your deadline. Deadlines have changed in the past, but for now, that's what we're rolling with. The entire collection of lists will likely go live on the site sometime around a week or so after the deadline.

5. Have fun with it! There's no specific way your list has to be presented. Your list is yours, do it up however you please and have fun with it!

That's about it! So, get to crackin'. You got plenty of time to think about and work on it, so do your part and help us help you help make the internet a substantially dumber place by polluting it with another list! You'll get to go to Heaven if you do!


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